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The safest way to share information

Protecting privacy sensitive data is essential. Quiver enables you to keep optimal control over your files. Always share your data in a safe and secure way with clients, colleagues en other parties.Try for free

The all in one solution for optimal control over all your files

Quiver offers the highest security standard in the market for file sharing. With Quiver Spaces, you can easily collaborate with parties in a secure data room. And even after files are downloaded externally, you can still withdraw access.

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Michel Simons Vextrix Participaties BV

Companies share their confidential information through Quiver. First they only shared reports, but currently they also use Quiver as a dataroom for external parties and to sign documents online. All this with highest standard of security in one package. 

Bas Langelaar Vectrix

We work with a lot of privacy sensitive and confidential data of our customers. It’s a great feeling knowing that their data is always safe in encryption. 

Jan Wiegmann Senior adviseur ICT, IJselgemeenten

With Quiver the Gemeenschappelijke Regeling IJselgemeenten can share documents and messages with external and internal stakeholders in a safe and secure way.

Even after sharing you keep complete control over the shared information. 


Securely store and share large files

Our security measures comply with the highest European standards. Quiver makes it easy for you to send encrypted e-mails and to share and store encrypted data.

Trusted third party

Give external stakeholders a secure feeling with Quiver as a trusted third party. You determine the conditions for safe cooperation and Quiver monitors the process.

Safe sharing

Securely store and share large files. Ideal for privacy sensitive communication with external stakeholders.

Complete control

Control over user rights. Legally valid insight into file activity. 

Quiver in Numbers

The safest solution on the market

Working with multiple persons, companies and locations can create the possibility for data leaks. Quiver has a patent on the technology that makes the digital encryption of your files as user friendly as possible. This is the only way to completely guarantee the safety of your data. The encryption method enables you to keep control over your emails and documents, even after a user downloaded them.

How does Quiver work?

  1. Create your free account;
  2. Create your own secure dataroom in Quiver spaces;
  3. Organise your files, create a space per collaboration;
  4. Upload your files and share them with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders

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These companies already enjoy the highest security standard with Quiver

Dossche Mills
Ijssel Gemeenten

Go for safe with Quiver

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