Want to share data securely while retaining control? - Quiver it

Secure your data separately on all your devices

As well as providing platform-level protection, Quiver also gives each document its own encryption.

Continually follow what happens to your digital files

Over their entire life cycle. Everywhere in the cloud.

Retain complete control over access to your data

Who sees what, when and how? It’s up to you to decide. You and you alone.

Which Quiver packet would suit you best?

Quiver Free

/ month / user

1GB storage

Geolocation control

Quiver Plus

€ 4,99
/ month / user

1TB storage

Geolocation control

Time control

Quiver Enterprise

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Total control & ownership of your encryption

Unlimited storage

Geolocation control

Time control

Copy/paste prevention

Print prevention

Quiver e-mail

Quiver features

Location Lock

Determine precisely where your data may be viewed. For instance, solely at a client’s offices or only within the Benelux.

Time box

Share files solely within a previously set period. This may range from a few seconds to a number of months.

Print Screen Prevention

Make it impossible for a print screen to be created, and prevent data from being copied without your permission.

Copy/Edit Prevention

Safeguard your data from undesired copying, cutting and pasting, or any other kinds of amendments.

Print Prevention

Prevent anyone from printing your files, thereby combatting the spread of paper versions.

Reshare Prevention

Prevent your data from being shared again in a way you don’t want.

Audit Trial

Prevent data misuse. Follow the trail of your data online and detect risky situations immediately.


If you’ve already sent something that you’d now like back, Quiver can retrieve it for you!

Overview and
control at a glance

Exceptionally powerful: the Quiver Administrator Tool allows you to

  • simply set out which employees have which data;
  • align Quiver’s settings with your organisational processes;
  • view the data streams within the whole organisation;
  • receive reports per department;
  • manage your team’s data behaviour in a specific way;
  • follow data throughout its entire existence;
  • protect information in the correct way through automatic data classification;
  • monitor how often data leaks have occurred.

Quiver Enterprise offers you the key to maximal security

Quiver Enterprise is a customised Quiver plan tailored to the IT infrastructure of your own company or organisation. You have all of Quiver’s features at your disposal, and can count on direct support from our professionals if you have a query or a problem. In addition, we will come and personally install Quiver on all devices that you choose. By doing so, we ensure that everyone in the organisation benefits from maximal security together with the greatest ease of use.

As a medical professional, I must be absolutely certain that unauthorised individuals or organisations never gain access to our data. Quiver gives me this guarantee