Which Quiver packet would suit you best?

Quiver Free

/ month / user

1GB storage

Geolocation control

Quiver Plus

€ 4,99
/ month / user

1TB storage

Geolocation control

Time control

Quiver Enterprise

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Total control & ownership of your encryption

Unlimited storage

Geolocation control

Time control

Copy/paste prevention

Print prevention

Quiver e-mail

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Storage space per user

Cloud version/Web app

Protected Office Documents and PDF

Data breach compliant (audit trail)

Mobile (coming soon)

Control options: Geolocation (coming soon)

Online editor office files

Secured Direct Messaging

Control options: Protect /Share /Revoke /Forwarding /Edit

Control options: Timebox /Print

Control options: Printscreen (coming soon)

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard: Audit Trail

Admin Dashboard: User admin, group admin, Reports

Admin Dashboard: Full Control

Outlook plugin (coming soon)


Dedicated Cloud Server

Platform on own server

Quiver Free


per user / month


1 Geolocation per share

Up to 5 documents

Quiver Plus


per user / month


Quiver Pro


per user / month


Quiver Enterprise

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Total control & ownership of your encryption key


Being an international company, we simply cannot allow a data leak to occur. Thanks to receiving Quiver Alerts about suspicious situations, we’ve fortunately always been a step ahead of any potential problems.