Why Quiver

Quiver offers a user-friendly way to always keep full control over any type of document, on any device, in any environment. Quiver even safeguards the weakest link in your security: the actual user.
You control who sees your data. You control what happens to it.

Your organisation depends on IT for almost everything, and is of course totally dependent on IT for cloud services such as email, online finance, chat and VoIP. This means it’s not so much a question of whether your valuable data will fall into the wrong hands, but when.

Complete protection and control

Are your staff sufficiently aware of digital security? Do your people have external access to the corporate network? Are their home workstations as well protected as those on your company’s own premises? Are laptops taken around by train? Are people allowed to install software themselves? Have the very latest software updates for your desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, firewalls, the website or the webshop already been installed?
For all these sort of questions, Quiver is the ideal, innovative solution that offers you complete protection and complete control of all your data.

  • Quiver works without losing the flexibility of your working method.
  • Quiver even works if your data is in undesirable hands.

What makes Quiver unique?

Quiver offers you total control when files are shared, thanks to its intelligent file-level encryption. Even when a file has already been downloaded, it can be retrieved in real time. Within your own company, there is no behavioural change needed for this. Your staff don’t suddenly need to handle their files in a different way. The protection levels can be determined and standardised by an administrator using a special admin tool. This way, you can be certain that each individual file is equipped with Quiver protection. Quiver seamlessly integrates all file-sharing tools such as Dropbox, Box and Microsoft Office. Thanks to the early detection of potential security problems that it offers, and the opportunity to follow each file in real time, the chance of a corporate data leak is kept to a minimum.

Why you need Quiver?

It’s never been so easy to share data as it is today. This means that it’s not so much a matter of whether unauthorised persons will be able to get hold of files or documents, but rather what they can do with them.

Unique encryption

Quiver’s own patented file-sharing technology gives each individual file a unique encryption. If an unauthorised person manages to get into your system, Quiver ensures that your files are separately encrypted and unusable, except by yourself.

It works just like you’re used to

What’s more, Quiver is so user-friendly that you can simply keep working in precisely the way that you’ve always been used to. Before sending or saving anything, you just click the Quiver tab and your files are automatically encrypted.

With Quiver, you yourself decide who may access what, for how long and where. This applies to text files, image files, video files or files of any other description. Moreover, you can indicate what recipients may do with your files: should they be able to share, cut, paste, copy or make screenshots of them, or none of these things? It’s entirely up to you. You and you alone.

If you decide at a later stage that you’d like to withdraw access rights to your files or retrieve the information within them, you can do so in just a few clicks. Even if your information has already been shared or downloaded. Want to keep control at all times? Quiver it!

Even more reasons to start using Quiver immediately:

  • low operating costs
  • simple implementation
  • no changes are required to existing business processes and tools
  • document formats and extensions don’t change at all
  • data security training courses are no longer necessary
  • files are automatically protected from theft and cyber attacks
  • Quiver helps you comply with European privacy laws and avoid large fines

Quiver Enterprise offers you the key to maximal security

Quiver Enterprise is a customised Quiver plan tailored to the IT infrastructure of your own company or organisation. You have all of Quiver’s features at your disposal, and can count on direct support from our professionals if you have a query or a problem. In addition, we will come and personally install Quiver on all devices that you choose. By doing so, we ensure that everyone in the organisation benefits from maximal security together with the greatest ease of use.

Which Quiver packet would suit you best?

Quiver Free

/ month / user

1GB storage

Geolocation control

Quiver Plus

€ 4,99
/ month / user

1TB storage

Geolocation control

Time control

Quiver Enterprise

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Total control & ownership of your encryption

Unlimited storage

Geolocation control

Time control

Copy/paste prevention

Print prevention

Quiver e-mail

Quiver is the ideal, innovative solution that offers you complete protection and complete control of all your data.