The birth of Quiver

Digitisation has taken hold of corporate life at an unprecedented pace. As a result, firms are swiftly being confronted with a huge new risk in the form of data leaks. Companies and organisations have been hitting the headlines increasingly frequently due to issues such as cyber attacks, or because sensitive information has been made public through negligence by employees. All of this gave our team the motivation to search for a solution that would make it possible to make online files truly secure – and to share them in a truly secure way too. Anywhere, anytime, and wherever the data happens to be. Without losing control of it, and without having to learn complicated new procedures. After all, businesses are most productive when they can simply continue working in the way they’ve always been used to. We found the solution, and came up with a name for our innovative new technology: Quiver.

“Sharing your digital capital online is just asking for problems!”

Well, it certainly used to be. But that was in a world before Quiver.

Quiver’s technology is platform-independent and encrypts files, one by one, using its own, unique and patented method that complies with the highest European standards. Our software gives businesses the key to complete control over their data. You too can now share data online, securely and easily, while being able to follow precisely what happens to your documents. This also enables you to automatically comply with a significant number of data protection requirements . We know that this is a valued aspect of what Quiver offers: we are honoured to have been entrusted with the task of helping several governmental organisations and Fortune 500 companies to protect their sensitive information by means of Quiver technology. And the number of Quiver users is steadily growing.

Quiver offers a user-friendly way to gain full control of any type of document, on any device, in any environment. That’s because only Quiver protects the weakest link in data security: the actual user.

Our developers are ready to help you.

When you work with Quiver, you can relax. Although you probably won’t need any support, our developers are available to help you on workdays. But if there’s anything that you can’t quite manage, or if you think there may be something wrong, just get in touch with us. Either email us your question, or open a chat if you want an answer quickly. And if you have a Quiver Enterprise contract, you can also phone us during workdays.

Just get in touch

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